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During this 1 hour webinar you'll learn...
The Big Misconception That's Holding People Back:

Traditional aromatherapy and herbalism have been woven together for ages. Overcoming the illusion of their separation can create a more holistic, synergistic, and expansive plant practice.

Looking Beyond Essential Oils:
Essential oils are not the only tool in the aromatic medicine toolkit — they make up a small percentage of countless other internal and external preparations you can incorporate into a well-rounded health practice.
Using Aromatics For Emotional & Spiritual Healing:
Embracing aromatic plants unlocks profound emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing, supporting embodiment work and transformation, ultimately enabling more potent physical healing.
Making Your Own Aromatic Medicines:

It can be simple and easy to learn to make your own preparations and be empowered as an aromatic medicine crafter.

The 6 Bodily Systems Aromatics Address Directly:

Aromatic plants can be holistically incorporated into any herbal or aromatherapeutic health regimen to aid these systems in ways other plants do not.

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