The Aromatic Medicine Path:
Uniting Herbalism and Aromatherapy
for Holistic Healing
Are you tapping into only one side of plant medicine?

Unleash the full healing power of aromatic plants by blending these two modalities together in your plant practice, as many ancient systems of medicine have done for ages.

Discover your hidden potential, and watch your healing prowess and aromatic crafting skills expand and soar!
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FREE Webinar
Thursday, August 17th
& Friday, August 18th

FREE Webinar
Thursday, August 17th
& Friday, August 18th

During this 1 hour webinar you'll learn about...
The Big Misconception That's Holding People Back:

Traditional aromatherapy and herbalism have been woven together for ages. Overcoming the illusion of their separation can create a more holistic, synergistic, and expansive plant practice.

Looking Beyond Essential Oils:
Essential oils are not the only tool in the aromatic medicine toolkit — they make up a small percentage of countless other internal and external preparations you can incorporate into a well-rounded health practice.
Using Aromatics For Emotional & Spiritual Healing:
Embracing aromatic plants unlocks profound emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing, supporting embodiment work and transformation, ultimately enabling more potent physical healing.
Making Your Own Aromatic Medicines:

It can be simple and easy to learn to make your own preparations and be empowered as an aromatic medicine crafter.

The 6 Bodily Systems Aromatics Address Directly:

Aromatic plants can be holistically incorporated into any herbal or aromatherapeutic health regimen to aid these systems in ways other plants do not.

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